The Internet of Things Tops Lists This Christmas

One of the biggest trends in 2017 in terms of technology, has been the Internet of Things (IoT), so it comes as no surprise that it seems to be topping the tech Christmas lists.

Tech Giant Curry’s and PC world have released their top pieces of technology it expects to take pride of place under several Christmas trees this year. In line with one of the biggest trends of the year, it has predicted anything voice activated will take centre stage.

For those new to this developing technology, IoT devices are built with electronic devices to communicate with each other through a network controlled by an automated hub. As IoT devices continue to make their way through our homes, this Christmas we look at how much tech is making its way under Christmas Trees.

Three of the top picks reaching Christmas lists this year are:

Google Home: The latest addition to the rapidly growing trend of smart speakers comes from Google. The ‘Google Home’ is equipped with Wi-fi on board, high definition speakers that produce great quality music and sound sensitive mic.

Awair: Small and portable by design, Awair is a device that is loaded with sensors that monitor the quality of air in a particular room. In real time, Awair can measure the temperature of the air, relative humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, dust and chemical concentrations in the environment where it is placed for up to a thousand square feet.

Z-Wave Smart Thermostats: A Z-Wave smart thermostat is designed to give you greater control over its heating and cooling cycles with its Wi-fi integration and on-board sensors. Loaded with learning algorithms, motion sensors, and smartphone interfacing, smart thermostats can adapt to your lifestyle and schedules and regulate the temperature according to your presence in your home.

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