Facebook App for Kids

Social media giant, Facebook is currently trialling a Facebook Messaging App for Kids in the U.S. Launched last week, Facebook has announced its first app tailored for young users, it incorporates a ring-fenced network that will need parental approval on both sides before use.

Messenger Kids is a simpler version of the messaging app Facebook offers for those over the age of 13 currently, however the social media company promises that it is not just a marketing move to get them on Facebook as soon as they are of the correct age.

With parents widely allowing children access to mobile phones and tablets, many often have concerns with regards to online safety and how ‘appropriate’ apps really are for their children. To help with this Facebook have worked alongside with those who were going to use the app, as well as experts that could bring to life the vision these people had.

If two children want to be connected on the app, that friendship has be approved by a parent for each child. Once this connection has been approved and confirmed to be safe, friends are then able to live video chat and send pictures and text one another.

The application has divided opinion, with many still fearing not enough could be done to protect young children online and others praising the work done by Facebook to further protect those online. But business sense aside, we have to ask ourselves: should young children even be using social media at all?

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