Wonderful Worcestershire Awards 2018

The Wonderful Worcestershire Awards presented several people with awards recognising their commitment inside and outside their respective organisations or businesses.

Wonderful Worcestershire Awards 2018

Our Commercial Director, Andrea Borwell-Fox, picked up third place for the Significant Achievement of the year award.

“I am delighted to have made it into the top three for this category.  There were great winners on the day, which were well deserved. I hope others are inspired to keep volunteering, encourage and inspire others through their leadership style, and the event encourages younger professionals to take up volunteer roles and follow in the footsteps of the winners”

Andrea was recognised for her role representing Worcestershire for the IT sector for five years at the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce, and her two-year term as the President.  While President, Andrea has leveraged this position to help others including raising funds for St Richards’ Hospice, the Rory the Robot appeal, and supporting and championing the cause of St Paul’s Hostel in Worcester.

Within the Chamber of Commerce Andrea has revived and grown the Women’s Business Forum, and they now hold a successful annual conference too.  A new innovation was Andrea’s idea to run the President’s Lecture Series, which was a great success in its first year last year, and has been repeated this year.

Congratulations Andrea, from the borwell team!

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