borwell team is 16 years young

A growing business

On the 3rd February 2019 the borwell business is 16 years young!  Back in 2003 there was just Steve and Andrea.  Today there are 27 budding technology enthusiasts, creating software for our Customers worldwide.  The Cybx security team help you improve your security, especially SMEs in the supply chain of UK Government & Industry.  They also help prime contractors build and assure secure networks, which defends their IP and sensitive projects.

Actually, next week we will be 28 people next week, with a new Network Assistant joining us.  We continue to recruit at all levels – Apprentices, HND students, Graduates, and people with many years of invaluable skills & experience.  If you are interested in joining us, have a go at one of our challenges – they’re on this website.

Thank you

A massive thank you to our employees, our Customers, Suppliers, Associates and supporters.  We are very privileged in that we have a wide selection of experts, who we call upon when needed.  Thank you!

Team photo

Several of our team celebrating our business birthday this afternoon.  Everyone made it in, even with the snow last night.  This showing the enthusiasm and commitment to our Customers and their colleagues.  Thanks team!

borwell team photo

borwell team photo 01/02/2019