Blazor: The advantages of migrating from AngularJS

Many people still use AngularJS as the basis for their software and are cautious about moving to a newer framework, however in this blog I wish to explain why it’s becoming more necessary to move away from AngularJS and why Blazor makes a great replacement.

AngularJS, as of the 20th October 2020, is has now just past its 10th year in service, which is a long time in the digital world, leaving it much less advanced than its newer competition. It entered Long Term Support (LTS) as of July 1st, 2018, with the AngularJS focusing only on bug fixing and Security patches, with LTS itself coming to an end in December 31st, 2021. Going into 2022 and beyond Angular will not be supported at all, leaving a security risk to those still using it, as no additional Security patches will be done.

So, with AngularJS coming to the end of its support, why should people move to Blazor, rather than Angular or React?

Blazor has many features that make it desirable over AngularJS and its competition. Blazor is a C# and .net based, allowing for all but the web page HTML to be coded in C#, rather than the need to use multiple languages. This allows for greater maintainability and allows C# developers, who are usually resigned to the back end, to use their skills on the front end with limited up-skilling. This also allows for the Object-Orientated Characteristics of the C# language to be transferred into the browser. This comes together with support for Visual Studio, which allows for all the features in the IDE to be used to help speed up development times.

Blazor provide WebSocket Connections to allow data to flow back and forth to the page and server, allowing for the initial download to be smaller than in Angular.JS which in turn, allows for low latency.

Finally, Blazor also allows for “Pre-rendering”, where the apps components and elements are compiled on the server side then generating static HTML/assets to send to the client.  The advantages of this is page performance and helping the page perform better at SEO results.