Monitoring methane to reduce CO2 emissions – there’s an App for that!

Many of us have heard the stories about cows emitting a vast proportion of methane.  This is no joke, just Google ‘cows emitting methane gas’ to see related articles.  Cars and aeroplanes emit CO2 as fuel is burned in their engines, but what about us humans? Our impact from methane emissions on the planet is simply not funny.


A recent study showed that office workers who grazed unhealthily contributed equally to the cows’ emissions.  Leaving humans out of the impact on emissions is clearly not acceptable. Why should cows get the blame, when they are bred in large numbers for beef, dairy and lovely milkshakes for us humans anyway?

App for tracking methane

The borwell team have worked with the Federation Of Outside Land and created a new App for tracking methane and CO2 levels in offices.  The app works passively in the background, like your health apps.  The camera is used to image once per hour, and the metadata in the image can be used to determine the CO2 and methane levels.  The image is not actually stored, nor is any data from the user.  Just the date, time, location and CO2 and methane levels are sent to the Cloud from the App.  No personal details are needed in the simple sign up process.

The data is then displayed on a UK wide dashboard.  Trials so far have show different counties having quite varied methane and CO2 levels.  Areas with higher levels maybe down to a combination of poor diet and lack of exercise.

methane levels

methane levels

Join the study

If you have windy office workers who would like to sign up, then the Federation is looking for willing volunteers now.  As it’s a closed trial (i.e. not open to the public), please contact [email protected] to sign up to this study.