5G is here – How will it affect you?

Mobile network connectivity has made major strides over the past few years. Speed and reliability have seen significant improvements. The 5G rollout in the UK has been gathering pace since its launch back in 2019. As the name suggests 5G is the fifth generation of wireless connectivity technology.

5G is the latest advancement in mobile networking and is said to be available nationwide by the end of 2023. It will have the ability to provide coverage for up to 100 million people in the UK. The majority of UK network providers such as EE, 02 and Virgin for example all now offer 5G plans as default at a relatively similar cost to a 4G plan. If you are considering whether to make the jump to 5G, the chances are that if you have bought a new phone in the last two years, you already have! You may not have noticed yet due to a lack of coverage in your area at this time, but the technology is most likely already in your device.

5G coverage is still limited in many parts of the country, and where unavailable, devices will revert to using the 4G system, which has been in place since 2012. 5G is currently available in larger cities such as London, Manchester and Birmingham. When you visit one of these locations you will be able to take advantage of the lightning fast speeds that 5G is able to deliver. In fact 5G is able to deliver up to 20 times the speed of 4G. The theoretical maximum speed of 4G is 1Gbps. 5G increases to a potential 20Gbps.

The benefits of 5G go beyond speed increases. The new system can provide massive benefits when it comes to IoT devices (Internet of things). Connected cars, self-driving cars, drones and VR devices will all benefit significantly from the improved responsiveness available through 5G and will be able to rely on consistent real-time updates.

Cars that talk to each other? Yes, this is actually a technology that exists today, the latest Smart vehicles from certain manufacturers are able to recognise the existence of another vehicle with the same capability and recognise where it is located. In time, this will provide great leaps forwards in both traffic recognition and management, as well as huge potential for self-driving cars. Theoretically this technology can use the 4G network, but with the increased speed and responsiveness of 5G, this technology becomes far more reliable, safe and stable.

Cities are quickly becoming very Smart too. Modern cities utilise many connected sensors and devices that can gather large amounts of data. These include: traffic cameras, car park sensors, utility metres, public transport vehicles, streetlights and buildings. Reliable mobile networks are critical in realising the Smart City vision.

The 5G network is also enabling increased use of Virtual Reality. For example, capabilities like live-streaming and virtual simulations can operate at a much higher rate than previously possible on the 4G network. This will allow and encourage businesses to innovate and enhance Customer Experience.

Businesses can benefit from the roll out of 5G in many other ways too. Essentially more data can be supplied and analysed. This leads to the accelerated development of Artificial Intelligence and more advanced Internet of Things devices. In turn businesses are able to tailor their approach and develop their products to better meet the needs of their customers, in other words improved operating efficiency can be achieved along with improved profitability.

Artificial Intelligence (mentioned above) is quickly becoming more prevalent in businesses regardless of sector or industry. These businesses utilise this technology in a more advanced way as a result of the mobile network developments. The more reliable stable data, combined with developing AI technologies, can provide tools that predict consumer behaviours, detect fraud, automate processes, increase productivity and much more.

5G will facilitate better communications in businesses, with faster and more reliable connectivity across the globe where a stable wi-fi connection is not available for employees either working remotely or away on a business trip. This enhancement in connectivity can promote quicker decision making through clearer, more stable communication.

In summary, 5G is driving an enormous shift in technology and the speed of communications. There will be many exciting developments over the next decade when consumers and businesses have full access across the country. The possibilities are huge and cannot be over emphasised.

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