Farnborough International Airshow 2022

Visualisation Project for the Farnborough Airshow Flying Control Committee

In 2017 the borwell team designed and built the ‘Airshow Monitor’ software product for QinetiQ.  The product connects to Hybrid Tracking Platforms (HTPs), which consist of a Radar tracker and Optical camera.  Data from the HTP is transmitted via a Microwave link to the Mobile Trials Cabin (MTC), housing the hardware and software systems.  A display also runs up to the Cupola where the Flying Control Committee receive real-time data to give them enhanced situational awareness of the position, altitude and speed of the current aircraft performing their air display.

This was used live for the first time in Farnborough Airshow 2018 and feedback from the Committee and QinetiQ was very positive.

airshow monitor in cupola
airshow monitor in mtc

Farnborough Airshow 2022 – Validation Week

Week commencing 11 July is called Validation Week.  Validation is the process where each air display is tested against stringent safety conditions and air space constraints. With the Town of Farnborough just to the East of the Airport, Aldershot to the South, Cody Business park and the Golf course to the North, it is a congested area in which to run an Airshow.

Above the Airport are several Civil Air Traffic corridors.  Represented as custom polyhedrons, some have height or speed rules associated. These rules are triggered if aircraft go into, out of, or too fast in these polyhedron defined areas.

Mission Replay

Each flying display is recorded in 3D and 4D with the corresponding video captured too. All the flying displays are captured within a self-contained mission data files.  These can be replayed to allow review and adjustments to be made to an individual flying display.

The replay includes the track data in 3D and time and also the video imagery time synchronised to the track data.

mission replay Airbus A350
airshow monitor flying areas

Outcome for 2022

During the first two days of Validation week this year, the software has been used several times to great success.  There is nothing much more to do to enhance the software, but the borwell team have been onsite at the Airport to advise and train the QinetiQ trials team as needed.

See the product first hand

If you would like to see the product then visit stand 1120g.  We will be replaying mission data and also showing videos of air displays captured during 2018 and 2022.

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