Social Value Statement 2022

Social Value at borwell

As a small business, social value is hard wired into our DNA.  Small businesses naturally get involved in local and regional community activities, as all employees live their personal lives within the viscinity of the company.  It all sounds obvious stuff, but how many of your employees are doing good by way of community activities, but which you are not aware of?

As a team, when you bake cakes for Macmillan or take part in a Santa Skydive for St Richard’s Hospice, are you aware of the wider impact this is making to the community?

social value

Social Value Statement

We have put together our Social Value Statement for 2022.  Andrea Borwell-Fox (Director of Koios Group, our ultimate holding company), spent considerable time collating the data for this.  It’s amazing how many work experience placements we offered last year!

I would highly recommend you take stock at the end of each year, dig out those photos from your smart phone, and catalogue the great work you as a Leader or as an employee have done for your own community.


See our webpage on social value