15th January 2019

About Us


The purpose of our company is "to digitise the world of business".

Specifically, to enable businesses, governments & citizens to realise the real benefits from technology, and to enable them to deliver their outcomes more sustainably to our lovely planet.

Social Value

SMEs are naturally community focussed and very active in their geographical and sector related communities.  Since our inception over 20 years ago our Leadership Team and Employees have supported many charity, educational and community events and activities.  Read more about these in our Social Value Statement.

Vision, Mission & Values

Our vision is for internal use.  This keeps us focussed on the right activities and to train and retain our superb team members.

Our missions are two-fold...

Software mission:

"Building tools that do business better"

Cyber security mission:

"Keeping the bad guys out"

If you are a business or government agency looking for a smart, agile SME, with the above values and unswerving ethics then please do call. If you like the story and values above, why not come and work for us, and help shape and take the team forward into our third decade.

Quality & Certifications

Our teams take pride in the quality of the services they provide. You can view our policies, certifications, standards that we work to and frameworks that we are on below:

  • ISO 9001:2015 - our Business Management System (BMS) is built around the ISO Quality Standard and is entirely digitised (paper free! Yes, it can be done!)
  • Cyber Essentials Scheme - the business maintains this certification annually, and also helps other suppliers achieve this certification (we help secure the supply chain to Government and large businesses)
  • Privacy Policy - part of our commitment to protecting and securing employee and customer data (because there's too much data smuggling going on, and we're not happy with it either)
  • Modern Slavery Act Policy - our commitment to a better world by building a better, fairer supply chain (there are challenges within the UK, which we are not willing to accept)
  • Quality Policy - our commitment to continuous business improvement (because getting better every day means we're more efficient and this means using less of the planet's resources)

JOSCAR RegisteredCrown Commercial Service Supplier

How to buy from us

borwell is registered on the following frameworks:

The company is also registered on several other UK Government Frameworks.  Please call to check which framework is best to use for your organisation to use.