.NET Core 5.0 – Expanding the boundaries of optimisation

Microsoft has decided to debut their .NET Core 5.0 a year and a half after they first announced that it was being created. Alongside this they have released some developer tools for benchmarking your software! .NET Core 5.0 was first unveiled back in May of 2019 and was guaranteed to be the first .NET with
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Internet Divide

Splinternet – Online Censorship on the rise

The Splinternet could be happening, and this is what we understand about it… Recently, American security concerns of Chinese applications and companies has led to US government officials wishing to remove Chinese influence. Therefore, this would result in online Chinese products being removed / blocked from being accessed in the USA. US Secretary of State
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Digital Transformation Work

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation at borwell We seem to have undertaken ten years worth of innovation in the last three months. Some businesses have completely pivoted. Many have adjusted with less friction than they may have previously anticipated. So, you’ve now found yourself on a Digital Transformation journey, but maybe the destination is unclear? Planning your Digital
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