quality assurance software testing

Quality Assurance & Testing

Quality Assurance & Testing in software products Too often quality is seen as a last-minute testing exercise performed by over-stretched staff, powerless to make corrections. Quality assurance is not an afterthought at borwell. Our teams build in system-wide quality as part of their daily work. Quality is… everyone’s responsibility to consider end-to-end from multiple perspectives
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social value

Social Value Statement 2022

Social Value at borwell As a small business, social value is hard wired into our DNA.  Small businesses naturally get involved in local and regional community activities, as all employees live their personal lives within the viscinity of the company.  It all sounds obvious stuff, but how many of your employees are doing good by
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digital adoption

Simple tips for digital innovation

Keeping IT simple in your company As we approach the Autumn, I thought I would share with you some of my findings from recent meetings with many business leaders.  Each business leader I have met with has certainly leveraged technology to support them either surviving the last two years or pivoting their products or services
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airshow monitor flying areas

Farnborough International Airshow 2022

Visualisation Project for the Farnborough Airshow Flying Control Committee In 2017 the borwell team designed and built the ‘Airshow Monitor’ software product for QinetiQ.  The product connects to Hybrid Tracking Platforms (HTPs), which consist of a Radar tracker and Optical camera.  Data from the HTP is transmitted via a Microwave link to the Mobile Trials Cabin
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The True Cost of a Cyber Security Breach

Do I really need to worry about a potential cyber attack?  The majority of business owners will realise a cyber security breach within their organisation will result in some negative outcomes. Most business leaders will automatically understand that some of these outcomes will likely result in a negative financial impact on their organisation, but the
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James Webb

James Webb’s First Months in Space

December 25th 2021 at 7:20am ET (12:20 GMT): The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) lifts into the skies over French Guiana carried by a Ariane 5 rocket, within minutes the most expensive telescope ever constructed, was in space and had separated from the main stage of the rocket. Then the upper stage ignited, this stage
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Harwell Campus

New neighbours for our Harwell Campus Team

Our Harwell team are focused on some incredibly exciting sectors, brushing shoulders with fellow residents who say incredible phrases like “yes, we launched our satellite into space this week”. We are very privileged to network and collaborate with businesses and people in this fantastic area. Something a little different piqued the interest of our team
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international women's day

International Women’s Day 2022

Each year we celebrate the contribution women make to the business’ around the world and in our company, specifically aiding digital transformation, cyber security and the design and adoption of software and technology. The montage of women shown below have played a vital part in the development and growth of out business and the wider
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Our cyber team launches affordable new monthly packages

As a busy business owner, IT systems, and cyber security are not at the top of your agenda. However, you will be aware that cyber security is important. If you are from outside the tech sector, or your skills are stronger in other areas, tackling such a project can be daunting. It’s likely you are
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NCSC Urges UK organisations to bolster security

As the ever-looming potential of conflict in Ukraine intensifies and shows no signs of slowing, the UK government issued a stark warning to businesses regarding the increased risk of cyber-attacks from Russian and Belarusian cyber attackers. Within the last week it had been noted by Ukraine’s Government Cyber Defence team that Russia teamed up with
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