Patch IT to keep secure

Maintain and update Essential maintenance on your IT hardware, systems and software is exactly that – essential. For windows servers and software applications, these all need updating regularly. Every application from Microsoft Office to Adobe Acrobat Reader needs updating and patching. Just one of these applications unpatched could leave a known security vulnerability, effectively a
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Security Awareness Training

Short and snappy Holding regular, short Security Awareness Training sessions with groups of staff is a great way of keeping cyber risk low in your business.  Just mentioning ‘be careful on the internet’ during your staff induction process is not enough.  Give new members of staff a quick overview of the risks to your business. 
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Creating a blog

Demonstrate your expertise Creating a blog on your website or a separate blog is a great way of demonstrating your skills, expertise and knowledge of your specialist area.  Your customers and prospects will see from your blog that your business is proactive and passionate about what it delivers, and that you are educating your marketplace, rather
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Silver surfers socialising online

Loneliness Although there is an association with anonymity and loneliness from extensive internet use, recently, Ministers are coming under pressure to get lonely senior citizens the skills they need to interact with other people online. We are all living longer and the number of senior citizens grows year on year.  So unfortunately does the increasing
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IT and Tech gifts for Christmas 2014

Shopping! Black Friday shoppers caused a frenzy in the USA and in the UK too.  Who would have thought that Tescos would have to call the police when crowds got out of control! Shopping isn’t really that exciting is it? Every Christmas my wife and I make most of our Christmas shopping purchases in Worcester
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Toys aren’t just for boys – women in computing

Women in technology In a 2013 the UK employs some 1,129,000 people working as IT specialists.   However, less than one in six (16%) of these were women.  The shortage of women in computing and tech careers is endemic in all European countries too. From a very young age girls need to be encouraged to delve into subjects
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Social Media Strategy – Using Social Media with care

Unintentional impact of updates Many people are members of social networking sites, but many don’t realise the impact that a photo or status update could have on their current and future career options. Axelle Despiegelaere, a 17 year-old girl from Belgium, was scouted for L’Oreal as a result of pictures taken of her in the
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