21st July 2016

Big Data

Big data

Handling big data starts with processing, data reduction and data fusion before analysis  and exploitation can begin. Millions and billions of entities, mainly in structured form, are managed in scalable well designed databases.  Connecting together and fusing your numerous data sources, in multiple data formats using open standards, is one of our specialist areas.


What is big data?

90% of the World’s data has been created in the previous two years.  Organisations and businesses of all sizes, from all sectors have data rich environments, but lack automated information enabled decision making processes.


Key aspects of big data—the 4Vs

  • Volume—the sheer volume of data can be overwhelming. Enterprise data is growing at over 50% per year.
  • Variety—multiple data sources from disparate systems, in structured and also unstructured forms.
  • Veracity—has the data been validated? Is it trustworthy? How accurate is it?
  • Velocity—the rate at which new data is received. Processing speed is vital.
A map image of the world on software showing Big Data as planes are shown flying


The 5th V—Value – finding the value in big data

The organisations and businesses that will master big data, are those that are value focussed.  These organisations are looking for actionable information—small nuggets of critical data that directly impact on their value chain.



Your solution

The borwell team will create an integrated software solution for you.  This will exploit your numerous data sources, and provide corresponding automated updates, alarms and alerts to pre-configured business logic and rules.  Your solution will be secure by design.