How can smartphones help the fight against cancer?

Cancer Research is looking to harness the processing power of smartphones to assist research, by building up a network of 100,000 or more UK smartphones due to research progress being slowed by the lack of funding for and access to the much-needed super-computing resources. The project has been named DRUGS (Drug Repositioning Using Grids of
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GDPR – What does it mean for you?

With the introduction of GDPR fast approaching next month, many businesses are working hard to ensure that they have the correct procedures in place to both protect and collect your personal data. However, for those that aren’t familiar with the new regulation – what does this mean for you? So, what is GDPR? The General
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Artificial Intelligence in the Emergency Services

Artificial Intelligence is an area of computer science covering the creation of ‘intelligent’ machines, enabling computers to respond to various inputs and even adapt to their surrounding environment via a process called Machine Learning whereby machines identify patterns in data to expand their ‘knowledge’ and ability to perform certain tasks. The Corti Digital Assistant, developed
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Wonderful Worcestershire Awards

Wonderful Worcestershire Awards 2018

The Wonderful Worcestershire Awards presented several people with awards recognising their commitment inside and outside their respective organisations or businesses. Our Commercial Director, Andrea Borwell-Fox, picked up third place for the Significant Achievement of the year award. “I am delighted to have made it into the top three for this category.  There were great winners
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Is Virtual Reality Secure?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that has become increasingly popular in the last few years, allowing users to become immersed in a virtual world of their choice from the comfort of their home. But is it secure? VR Technology requires users to have a VR Headset and Controllers which vary in levels of sophistication,
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Smart Watch-out!

In our previous blog, we spoke about the positives and negatives of using a smartwatch for your daily activities. Smartwatch security is a topic overlooked by most, and why? What potential does a smartwatch really hold? Let’s consider the core functionality a smartwatch. That is: to make calls, track health, send messages and access the internet.
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Malicious Applications: How secure is your mobile device?

Smartphones have become an icon in our day-to-day lives by providing a plethora of useful applications that make our lives easier. Whether it be helping you to sleep, eat well, exercise or socialise, there are plenty of advantages. However, with technology advancing so quickly, can you be sure that the applications you download are safe
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Smartwatches: How times have changed

With the recent rise in “smartwear” technology, an increasing amount of people are beginning to see the benefits of wearing a smartwatch in day-to-day life – but are there any negatives to this technology craze? “What are they?” A smartwatch is the so-called “all-in-one” micro-solution to change your music, view texts, make calls, browse the
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The Rise of Ransomware

Ransomware is being used widely by hackers to make money by holding your data hostage. As this threat evolves, can you be certain that the data you store is protected and are you able to recover it if you are attacked? This blog will cover ways to reduce the impact of ransomware by implementing practical
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Code Club for Children

Our previous blogs have discussed ways of keeping your children safe at home whilst using their devices, game consoles, phones and computers. So what about at school? Teachers are always looking for new and innovative ideas to enhance your child’s learning. Today’s blog will look at code club, an exciting way for children to learn
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