21st July 2016


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Life working at borwell

Looking for a career in software engineering? The borwell business is going from strength to strength, and as a result we are advertising a career in software engineering with several entry pathways. Whether you have taken A-levels, ND or a Level 3 apprenticeship, all these career paths can lead to a career in software engineering at a reputable UK based software house - borwell.

The growth is mainly demand from existing clients as well as new clients too. Our teams are always looking for people with the potential to grow into a professional software engineering team member. Working in teams of 2-4, a Project Leader provides the technical lead and interface with the Client and the internal Project Manager. Working to quality and cost first and foremost, time pressure is removed by phasing of 'iterations' of functionality to satisfy chunks of Client user requirements. Our tools, hardware and methodology allow our teams to produce high quality solutions, which truly innovate our client's business processes.

Software Challenge

 Software Challenge

Before you apply to work here at borwell complete the software challenge!  It could lead to an interview and then a job with us!

The Challenge

Write a program that takes as input the dimensions of a room and outputs the following:

  • Area of the floor
  • Amount of paint required to paint the walls
  • Volume of the room

Consider the use of unit tests where appropriate and ensure your code is clean and readable.


Your solution should be written in one of C#, Java or C++


Please publish all documents, source code and project files along with build instructions to GitHub or equivalent. Ensure the email contains:

  • Your CV
  • Link to repository
  • Why you would like to work at borwell

Please send the email to careers at borwell dot com.

Good luck with the software challenge,

Steve and the borwell team

Cyber Security Challenge

Cyber Challenge

If you are interested in a cyber security career pathway, please attempt our cyber challenge.


Consider what risks there are to borwell:

  • Who the threat actors might be?
  • What attack vectors they might use?
  • What we can do to prevent, detect and recover from a cyber attack?
  • What can we do to minimise the likelihood of and impact of an attack?
  • What is different about the risks to borwell compared to another type of business?

There is no correct answer, it would be interesting to see your response.  Imagine you were a cyber security consultant writing a report for us on the above brief.  It can be non-technical or technical, or a mixture of both.

Please send the email to careers at borwell dot com.

Steve and the borwell team

Network Challenge

Network Challenge Brief

Write a brief design of a network that can support 30 users with the possibility of expansion, within the budget of £50,000. Your design should include at a minimum:

  • Network Equipment (Switches, Routers, etc)
  • Server & Client Hardware
  • Networking Services (DHCP, VoIP, etc)
  • Operating Systems (Server OS, Client OS, Hypervisor choice and why)
  • Management Services (Directory Service, etc)

Please provide a basic network diagram (doesn't need to include all the users).
Consider how much redundancy and security is built into your design.

There is no correct solution, it would be interesting to see your response.
Please send your submission to careers at borwell dot com.

Steve and the borwell team.


No Agencies Please - Thank you!

RoleDescriptionKey SkillsPackage
DV cleared Java Software Engineers
(multiple vacancies)
Working on software projects on in an agile (scrum) team, or in a devops role (kanban) team
Java, Java EE, J2EE
Git, SQL
JBoss, GWT
Atlassian tools - JIRA, bitbucket, confluence

Agile experience
Proven experience in an agile environment
£35k-£55k depending on proven experience

* Must have a current DV
Web DeveloperWorking on software development and software related tasks

Working in and eventually leading teams of 2-4 developers

Use Agile processes and tools to rapidly solve and create solutions for B2B customers

You will be working in Malvern, Worcestershire, and will have opportunities to visit customers in the UK, Italy, Belgium and potentially the USA.
Modern Backend skills – Proven commercial experience ideally 2 years+ in:
- ASP.NET Core using C# and Entity Framework Core
- xUnit.net with Moq framework

Modern Frontend skills – Proven commercial experience ideally 2 years+ in:
- ASP.NET Core (Razor Pages) with Bootstrap 4/jQuery (future: Razor Components/Blazor)
- ASP.NET MVC 5 (Razor) with Bootstrap 3/jQuery
- Angular (TypeScript) with Material Design, RxJS, Nrwl Extensions for Angular (Nx Workspaces) and the Jest testing framework
- AngularJS with Bootstrap 3 and 4

Management Tools:
Source Control – Git with Bitbucket Enterprise or Azure DevOps Task Management – Jira or Azure DevOps CI/CD – Jenkins Declarative Pipelines or Azure DevOps Pipelines
Dependant on experience

What next?

If you have the right attitude, aptitude, and aspiration and can show your passion for technology and are interested in a career in software engineering, our team is looking for you!

Ideally Send us a link to a website, a game, or some code for us to review. Design, run, and test a Raspberry Pi project - or something that shows technology, software and electronics in action. Also make an attempt at the software challenge or cyber security challenge above.

We might ask you to refine your submission and then call you for interview, even if we have no vacancies at the time. Several of our team members have been recruited this way.

Show some interest, put in some effort, have fun and good luck!

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