13th March 2023

Collaboration – Team Mercury


A consortium of UK based SMEs with a track record in private sector, public sector and international business, collaborating together on digital products, delivered using practical and proven agile ways of working.

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Our Mission

How to buy from us?

“Delivering high quality, high assurance digital services for clients from proof of concept to Minimum Viable Product to full operational support & maintenance stages of development”

Contact us and provide an overview of your needs, including outcomes sought, timescale and budget. Team Mercury will then collaborate to build you a dedicated team for the lifetime of your project or product development.

Phone +44(0)1684 377980 to find out more about Team Mercury


A single partner fronts your digital engineering team, these being the ‘best athlete’ for your sector, product type, core skills, competencies and the certifications needed by your commercial team.

Team Mercury is using the ISO 44001 Collaboration Standard as its framework for setting objectives, onboarding partners, managing delivery and for continuous business improvement.

Phone +44(0)1684 377980 to find out more about Team Mercury

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