6th September 2016



Improving efficiency and security in your supply chain provides opportunities to improve profitability. Collaboration empowers your suppliers and customers with access to key data & views via a secure web portal. Using the latest web technologies and web standards means that your solution is mobile friendly and responsive.

Still working 9-5!?

This is no longer viable. To survive in business, you will have to go global and go 24/7. One way you can achieve this is to invest in collaborative solutions to support your operations.

24/7 demand

Customers are demanding. Quite right. We’re all customers too. If you can satisfy your customer demand, you will succeed. However, with the continual advancement of technology, customers are now even more demanding. This is now happening on a 24/7 basis.

What about your staff? They are demanding too. To satisfy the customer demand, your staff need access to phones, emails, systems, software and data.

Therefore, your staff need 24/7 access to keep up with your customers.

Your Solution

The borwell team will create the following collaborative solutions for you:

  • Secure Web Apps—work mobile, provide controlled access to customers and also suppliers too.
  • Apps—allowing staff and customers to access key data.
  • Intranet portal—based on SharePoint technology.

Your solutions will be secure by design.