4th February 2020

Cyber Challenge

Cyber Challenge

If you are interested in a cyber security career pathway, please attempt our cyber challenge.


Consider what risks there are to borwell:

  • Who the threat actors might be?
  • What attack vectors they might use?
  • What we can do to prevent, detect and recover from a cyber attack?
  • What can we do to minimise the likelihood of and impact of an attack?
  • What is different about the risks to borwell compared to another type of business?

There is no correct answer, it would be interesting to see your response.  Imagine you were a cyber security consultant writing a report for us on the above brief.  It can be non-technical or technical, or a mixture of both.

How to submit your challenge?

Please send your challenge in an email to careers at borwell dot com along with your CV.  In your email explain what you will bring to borwell and what borwell can do for you.

When we receive the challenge the team should get back to you within 7 working days. We will then invite you to have a 15 minute Teams call with us to review your challenge over Microsoft Teams.  Then we may invite you in and show you around, and try to help you find where you might fit in best with our cyber security team.

Cyber Security Hacker