2nd November 2016

Cyber Security Refresher Training

Security refresher training is an effective measure to protect your business.  The Cyber Security Refresher Course helps prepare your people in your cyber defences.  As the threat of cyber-crime increases day by day, businesses become ever more vulnerable to cyber-criminals operating all over the world. Smaller organisations are more at risk as they become the primary target for cyber-criminals, with a reported 50% rise in attacks in the last 12 months.

You or a colleague should attend this security refresher workshop, which is designed to help you take the essential steps in protecting your business.

Security refresher training course feedback

The borwell team has been running cyber security refresher course since 2011.  It is kept up-to-date for each course delivery.

Feedback recently includes:

“I used three action sheets, each page had 25 actions!  Great use of my time.  Lots to do as a result of the Cyber Security Refresher Course.  Recommended!”

Local Authority, London

“The Cyber Security Refresher Course is a must for existing staff.  I hadn’t realised how things had moved on.  Will send our three Directors to the next one.”

Animal Medical drugs supplier, Worcestershire


Some businesses think cyber security is all about computers.  It is not.  Preparing your workforce for inbound scams, attacks, phishing attempts is vital.  These are simply Victorian con techniques brought into the information age.  We even cover the use of the telephone in scams in the Cyber Security Refresher Course.  Young staff are ‘keen to help’ and often give business information away without realising.  They thought they were being helpful, when in fact they have just eroded the business defences by a few percent.

Book the next course

The course runs around every other month.  If you have six or more staff, or several businesses near you, we can run a course on your premises to save you travelling.