12th October 2016

Cyber Security

The borwell team offer the following products and services:

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The borwell brand for cyber products and services is called cybx.  Cyber excellence, cyber transformation, or cyber 'x' marks the spot - target or goal.

Our goal is to bring you new products and service, which improve the digital security of your business.  Strong security practice arise from the successful outcome of computer security and Information Assurance (IA) best practices.  You need to do both well to protect your people, processes and technologies.


The borwell team has been building software applications, which are secure by design, for over 15 years.

borwell is a cyber security supplier to Her Majesty's Government.  See our name in the online list.

borwell has CES, IASME and GDPR certifications.

Malvern Cyber Security Cluster

Steve Borwell-Fox was one of the seven founding members, who setup the first Cyber Cluster in the UK.

The Malvern Cyber Security Cluster is still strong six years on.  Its members trade and refer business to each other, and help each other understand the latest opportunities and trends in all things cyber.

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