4th July 2022

Digital Product Development

This page shows examples of Digital Products, which our teams have created for customers.  If you need a software application or mobile app designing, then take a look below at what our team could achieve for you.

Read our blog article about Digital Transformation (DX) where people, processes and technology have to be in harmony to obtain the outcomes and successes expected.

Connect App

The Connect product consists of the ConnectManager smart scheduling tool and ConnectMobile App.

ConnectManager is used by people who schedule maintenance jobs.  ConnectMobile is used by the mobile workforce, typically trades.

All job information is synchronised between the smart scheduler and the app.  This product is used by over 800 end users, who have replaced paper forms with this digital product.


ConnectManager map window

DronePrep App

This platform allows Drone Pilots to plan out their flight paths and remain out of restricted areas.

It also allows Land Owners to create a Drone Access Policy and Drone Delivery Points on their land.

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Designed and built for Leversedge Ltd, this product allows vehicles with a high tech vehicle tracker and GPS receiver to transmit location and sensor data to the cloud.  A front-end map display is typically installed in Control Room and monitored in real-time.

Alarms and alerts are triggered when vehicles enter/leave designated geo fenced areas.

Airshow Monitor

This product was designed and built for QinetiQ.  The product receives track point data from a Radar and live video from a high quality optical camera.  These data are presented visually in real-time and also recorded for post mission replay.

Take a look at the Case Study for borwell’s involvement in the Farnborough International Airshow.

Space Resources Operational Analysis Tool (SROAT)

This product was designed and built by borwell and Clutch Space Systems.

Together both businesses bid for an won their pitch for International Space Pitch day in 2020.

The two businesses shared the funds and worked on their respective expert areas.  The result is a fully working tool, which show space based assets and ground based assets and their visibility to each other based on weather (cloud cover).

See the blog article about the borwell team’s involvement in Space, GIS and Cyber around the Agri-Tech sector.

Standards Comparison Tool (SCT)

The SCT allows international Data Link experts to compare and contrast different versions of standards quickly.

Reports are generated and the user has full control over the search criteria.

standards comparison tool