5th July 2022

Digital Systems

custom software solutions

Custom software

Experienced Agile software engineering teams design & build integrated digital systems.  Typically these replace paper, spreadsheets and disparate systems in your business.  These can be a ‘Web Application’ or a mobile ‘App’.  You own the software and it is your system to evolve as your business evolves.  Using APIs your system can integrate and shared data with other systems in your business.

proof of concept POC|

Proof of Concept (POC)

After an initial sprint planning session one of our teams will execute 4 x 2 week duration sprints. This creates the POC for your digital system product idea. This will be a working prototype.  The POC can be evolved further after you have socialised it to a number of prospects, customers or internal stakeholders for feedback.

minimum viable product MVP

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

For Customers who are clear about their needs, the team will execute 10 x 2 week duration sprints to create your MVP.  You can then socialise this to a closed group of Customers or prospects.  This is effectively a ‘beta test’ your product.  Feedback is then prioritised into 2-10 further sprints for implementation.  The result is the first releasable version of your digital system product.  The final steps is to update the roadmap for future release of each potential Feature.

You should also consider what digital security requirements need to be baked into the product, in what we call secure by design.

software product development

Product Development

Ideally suited for Customers who are typically replacing an existing legacy system with a new Product.  The team will execute up to 20 x 2 week duration sprints.  Several Features per sprint will be delivered until the backlog is empty.  Some customers keep the team going, which is called DevOps – (Development and Operations). This is where a team continually provide value to Customers, typically in a business where changes are occurring regularly, and their digital system needs to continually evolve.

Take a look at some of the digital products that we have created ourselves and for our customers.