20th January 2020

Digital Transformation DX

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DX is a journey to digital efficiency

What is Digital Transformation?

Too many organisations still do not harness the advantages that digital technologies could bring to their business. Digital Transformation (DX) enhances customers’ experiences, increase workforce productivity and enable collaboration, or increase operational efficiency.

DX is the use of new, fast and continually improving digital technology to solve problems.  In addition, it can unlock new opportunities. DX solutions often utilise cloud computing.  Essentially, these reduce reliance on user owned hardware.  What's more is they take advance of resilient and scalable subscription-based cloud services.

Why transform?

Organisations with sub optimal procedures, systems and technology will be less efficient and profitable. Indeed this also has a knock on effect to their customers.  For example, by having longer lead time on products/services. Equally, a high level of customer complaints or a prolific use of paper.  In conclusion, all are very inefficient and can be massively improved through a DX initiative.  With our support, your organisation could be digitally excellent.

The Value of Digital Transformation

Our Digital Transformation Service helps business leaders who want to radically improve their customers' journeys and increase profitability by harnessing digital technologies that better enable leaders across the business to exploit information for insights. You will be able to make more informed decisions within an integrated operating model that combines adaptive multi-disciplinary teams of empowered people performing lean and sustainable ways of working. Digital transformation will aid in maximising the potential of all stakeholders to effectively contribute to the organisations success within a culture of collaborative partnership. The benefits as seen below of digital transformation are unlike operating within functional stovepipes, with manual and paper based data, information processing, use of individual productivity tool and expensive industry standard solution ill fitted with the uniqueness of the business and poorly matched to the customers' needs and wants.


Benefits of Digital Transformation

You will get improved:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Response times
  • Quality of delivery
  • Team and project efficiency
  • Cyber security
  • Improved corporate governance
  • Improved profitability – from the combined effect of the above benefit

These will be reduced:

  • Environmental footprint
  • Use of paper

borwell will help you transform your business

The borwell DX team will work with your leaders and employees.  In particular they will create a receptive innovation culture.  The team will be formed with the right practitioners.  Moreover, they will have the right skills and will work with you in partnership.  Your DX team will then perform a 'readiness check' for change. This will result in your 'proposition for transformation'. Afterwards, on a consultative basis, they will review your company's practices, procedures.  Subsequently they will review the corresponding use of technology supporting your procedures. In time, your DX team will then provide you with a DX Roadmap with clearly defined performance improvement steps.  These steps will guide you to realise tangible business benefits.  In summary, your DX team will support you implementing the new ways of working.  People procedures and technologies will all be better aligned.

"90% of CEOs believe the digital economy will impact their industry, but less than 15% are executing on a digital strategy" - Mit Sloan & Capgemini

Digital transformation projects with tangible benefits

Examples of DX projects that could be implemented for you include:

  • Specific technology insertion - to fulfil customer specifications & procurements
  • Systems Integration - 'glueware' to join your disparate systems, and ‘sweat your existing IT assets’
  • Digital Data monitoring - KPIs, Dashboards and BI views on your existing ‘untapped’ enterprise data
  • Sharing Information and Team Working – Intranet and Collaborative Working Environments such as SharePoint, Teams set up, configuration, integration and training
  • Mobile Workforce Management solutions – support users in the field and improve customer service at the same time
  • Machine Learning (ML) - look for patterns in your enterprise data and get the edge over your competitors
  • Corporate Password Management – with digital security ‘do IT right’ with support of our skills and experience