6th September 2016


Integration Hexagon


As an expert System Integrator, the borwell team maximises value from commercial off the shelf software products and your internal legacy systems. The solution is to extract key operational data from each of your systems. Using the latest Web Standards, Open Standards and OGC Standards, your operational solution will be secure, modular, scalable and mobile friendly by default



Buy versus build decision

Finding the right software product to support your business processes is a challenge.  It is likely that there is no single solution that will satisfy all of your requirements.

A custom solution will provide all of your needs, but comes with an up-front cost, and takes time to develop.

This ‘buy or build’ decision affects all large businesses and all growing businesses, as they start to seek lean processes.

COTS solutions

All good Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) solutions now contain an Application Programming Interface (API) or Web Services, which allow interfacing and integration with other software.  Many apps simply interface with these services.


Your Integrated solution

The answer is a hybrid solution.  Take the rich ‘out of the box’ features provided by COTS products, and add custom features that the borwell team can build for you.  Interfacing with APIs and Web Services securely is one of our key capability areas—integration.

As the COTS product evolves, you will gain new features and improvements, and the borwell team will maintain the custom software for you, to keep your operations lean, efficient and secure.

Your overall solution will be secure by design.