11th October 2016

Cyber Security Managed Services

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Cyber attacks on businesses continue to grow year on year. It is difficult for major corporations and government departments to combat all cyber-attacks, let alone the vast majority of the SME community who have little or no resources at their disposal to defend against the many types of attack. Our services help you become more resilient so if you are attacked, that you are better prepared for it.

cybx— resilience as a service

Building and running of an in-house Cyber Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a large, complex and costly undertaking. This would put a massive strain on many businesses time and resources. It would pressure the company in terms of their financial and human resources to sustain such an on-going project.

cybx is the name for the services that run from our Cyber SOC, which are managed by our expert team.  Together they will remotely monitor and scan your business, alerting your team to vulnerabilities and threats.

Typical customer profile

These services help growing small businesses and medium sized businesses protect their people processes and technologies. The services are most useful to businesses who do not have a CISO, CIO, internal Security Analyst or security trained IT Manager or computer network manager. Most of our customers outsource their IT. The cybx services allow independent, impartial testing and monitoring of your key internal devices, external facing services and your website.

Service levels

All our managed services include these expert services and outcomes:

  • Penetration testing
  • Vulnerability scans
  • Asset audits
  • Warnings and advice

Security test and scan frequency is:

  • Bronze - monthly security test
  • Silver - weekly security test
  • Gold - daily security test
  • Platinum - daily scan, test and report, board level report, threat intelligence, plus remedial work included (hardware and software)


Utilise our continually developing and expanding cybx services, run from our Cyber SOC.

Our expert team will remotely monitor and scan your business, and allow you to get on with what you are good at in your own business.

Benefit from the latest tools, techniques and our understanding of the latest threats, which we then incorporate into our continually improving services.

Expert consulting, technical support, help and general support is also available - as and when you need it.

Next step

Call (+44)01684 377980 for a free initial consultation, and find out how cybx will improve your organisation's cyber resilience.