11th February 2020

Mobile Workforce Management

Customers now have access to a great Mobile Workforce Management product called Connect.  Through the acquisition of Telecetera Ltd we have this new product to offer to Customers and Prospects.

Firstly, Connect is easy-to-use.  Secondly, it fits property maintenance businesses perfectly.  As a pay-monthly product this also makes it affordable.  Many businesses with mobile workers can use Connect effectively.  Customers looking for a Mobile Workforce Management software product should read on.

Fully featured application

Fully featured and future proof, Connect provides a lot out of the box.  After over 10 years of development, the latest iteration of the software delivers results.  Each Customer typically has a different business.  Furthermore, they may be working in a different sector to existing users. Tailored to each Customer's needs, it can really make a digital impact.  Job types and templates will be named according to the jargon used in their sector.

Indeed, businesses that need to take their service to Customer sites should consider Connect.  It will become their Mobile Workforce Solution of choice.

100's of mobile users benefit from many sectors.

Track jobs and scale mobile operations

Customers track jobs in an entirely paperless way.  Firstly, back-office users create jobs in ConnectManager.  Job data is sent to mobile users via the ConnectMobile app.  The ConnectXChange API allows data to flow into systems such as Sage and Pyramid.  Many COTS products will be integrated 'out of the box'.  Customers can get started quickly.  Finally our development teams can integrate other applications for you.

Therefore, this mobile workforce management software gives Customers confidence and transparency.  On balance it can scale as their operations scale.

ConnectMobile app

ConnectMobile app

The benefits that Connect can bring you include

o Schedule and route jobs smarter. See where your mobile workforce are. Schedule in new jobs quickly

o Collect all the job info needed for invoicing. For example, photos, sketches and documents

o Control Van Stock. Track job costs more accurately

o Protect people working remotely.  Include Health and Safety information by using the in-built Document Library

o Automate timesheets. Reduce or even remove paperwork. Free up admin time and reduce your business costs

o Integrate it with other you other business systems or use Connect on its own