4th February 2020

Network Challenge

Network Challenge Brief

Below are a series of questions for our Network Challenge. When these have been answered please follow the steps below on how to submit your challenge.

1. Do you use a Top Down or Bottom Up approach when designing a network? Please give reasons why. 

2. Please explain the function of each layer of the OSI Model 

3. What is the difference between forward lookup and reverse lookup in DNS? 

4. Please explain how wildcard masks are used in OSPF 

5. Starting with, please subnet the following hosts in the most efficient way possible (do not leave room for expansion) 

  • 128 – Science 
  • 468 – Maths 
  • 15 – English 
  • 12 – History 
  • 29 – PE 
  • 63 – Drama 
  • 99 – Business 
  • 255 – Geography 

6. Would you use VTP in a production environment? 

7. Explain what is happening on each line 

  • R1(config)#router ospf 1 
  • R1(config-router)#network area 0 
  • R1(config-router)#exit 

8. You have logged into the Privileged EXEC mode of a Cisco 1841 Router. Write down all the commands you would use to complete the following tasks 

  • Assign a hostname to the device 
  • Add a banner message when logging in 
  • Assign an IP address to the Fast Ethernet 0/1 interface and turn the interface on 
  • Create Login and password and ensure it is encrypted 
  • Assign a password for logging in via Console cable 
  • Setup SSH 
  • Turn off DNS lookup (stops slow down for incorrect commands) 
  • Return to User Exec Mode 

How to submit your challenge?

Please send your challenge in an email to careers at borwell dot com along with your CV.  In your email explain what you will bring to borwell and what borwell can do for you.

When we receive the challenge the team should get back to you within 7 working days. We will then invite you to have a 15 minute Teams call with us to review your challenge over Microsoft Teams.

Then we may invite you in and show you around, and try to help you find where you might fit in best.

If networking is not your thing, maybe take a look at our Vacancies page! You may find a job on there that is better suited to your skill set.

If you are more inclined towards Cyber Security, try our Cyber Challenge and you could become part of our CYBX team.