14th November 2019

Partner Network

Secret Sauce

The new ‘secret sauce’ of business is collaboration & partnership. SMEs do this instinctively. While the prime contractors and Tier 1 suppliers have enviable, well-recognised brand names, SMEs are relatively unknown but have the niche advantage. Finding a way of capitalising on these niches was how the borwell partner network came to be.

Collaboration & Partnership

Collaboration is working together to identify and develop business opportunities in all markets, worldwide. Partnership is then delivering services and products to customers and sharing the risk and rewards from doing so.


To minimise commercial complexity and administration, today’s Customers want to buy from one supplier, yet need the benefits from many suppliers. Therefore, providing a simple, trusted way for these Customers to buy from a wide range of SMEs has become our number one objective.


Successes involve working on a project for the Italian MoD, where a two-person SME has been providing specialist subject matter expertise to borwell.

Another includes a UK Law Enforcement project involving a 450 strong business providing subject matter expertise, a 5-person software house and a Business Analyst from the borwell team delivering a Collaborative Environment to support modern practices in digital investigations.

A further example includes a one-person business providing Project Management support to a borwell Customer project.

Each opportunity was identified, pursued, and then a lead business bid for the work, supported by the identified partners, who then agreed a defined work share. As soon as the lead business is paid, each sub-contractor is paid by the lead business.


If you are a niche supplier and would like to offer-up your capabilities into the borwell network, you need these several of these:

* Willing to seek out opportunities for others

* Willing to win a work share rather than the lion’s share

* Willing to attend industry days and supplier briefings, and write up notes for circulation to the other partners

* Have a UK Limited company

* Have ISO 9001 (or be prepared to work towards it)

* Have Cyber Essentials Scheme as a minimum

* Interested in helping the partner network achieve and maintain the ISO 44001 collaborative business relationship management standard

Further information 

Please contact us for further information or to express your interest in the partner network.