14th June 2019

Satellite Applications

Based at Harwell Campus, Oxfordshire, the borwell Space Applications Team build and integrate end to end software solutions using sensors, resilient satellite communications, satellite data and end user applications. Your end users are provided with ‘actionable information’ to support their real-time decision making processes.


Satellites & Sensors

The proliferation of micro satellites and new sensor technologies provides businesses, Local Authorities and Governments with the opportunity to improve and innovate their decision support processes. Intelligence from real-time sensors & imagery from Earth Observation satellites can be streamed into your business systems.

ISS over Vancouver Island

Space Applications

A dedicated software application or ‘app’ can unlock the benefits to your users in real-time.
The data will be validated, filtered, correlated, rule-checked, and have Machine Learning techniques applied to highlight objects, trends, patterns of life and anomalies to your operational users.

Contact details:

Marcus Ambler
Space Applications Team
01684 377988

Electron Building
Fermi Avenue
Harwell Campus
OX11 0QR


Exploit Space Collected Data

The borwell Space Applications Team will:

  • Workshop with you to identify your operational needs and produce clear Use Cases and identify the benefits
  • Produce a Proof of Concept (POC) to explore and validate the data feeds and data sets available to you, and to de-risk key aspects of the potential solution
  • Produce a Minimum Viable Product (MVC), to deliver the initial solution for operational trial and feedback
  • Refine and enhance the solution via further Agile Sprints