Software Challenge

Software Challenge – Paint Calculator


The purpose of this software challenge is to give you an opportunity to showcase how you think code should be written. It should be a demonstration of your skills and opinions.



Write a program that takes as input the dimensions of a room and outputs the following:

How to submit your challenge?

Please send your challenge documentation and a link to your GitHub repo in an email to careers at borwell dot com along with your CV.  In your email explain what you will bring to borwell and what borwell can do for you.

When we receive the challenge the team should get back to you within 7 working days. We will then invite you to have a 15 minute Teams call with us to review your challenge over Microsoft Teams.  Then we may invite you in and show you around, and try to help you find where you might fit in best.

If software development is not your thing, maybe take a look at our Vacancies page! You may find a job on there that is better suited to your skill set.

If you are more inclined towards Cyber Security, try our Cyber Challenge and you could become part of our CYBX team.

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