iOS Trustjacking

iOS Trustjacking is a new vulnerability which allows attackers to exploit the iTunes Wi-Fi sync feature. Designed to allow users to manage their iOS devices without requiring a physical connection to a computer, this feature can be manipulated by attackers to acquire persistent control over the victim’s device. So how does Trustjacking work? Firstly, the
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Apple vs Facebook

It is a known fact that Facebook can track the activity of users via the comment fields and like & share buttons on posts regardless of whether you interact with those buttons. The Facebook like and share buttons are present on thousands of websites enabling Facebook to track users across multiple sites, revealing information about
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apple products (ipad, iphone, ipod), next to each other

Apple Have Found Themselves A Victim Of Cyber-Crime

Apple have found themselves a victim of cyber-crime once more with ransomware attacks on user’s handsets. Apple have since offered a software update that should resolve the issue, however many were left with accusations of accessing adult material or pirating music via a pop up that could not be removed. The attackers were asking for
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