methane levels

Monitoring methane to reduce CO2 emissions – there’s an App for that!

Many of us have heard the stories about cows emitting a vast proportion of methane.  This is no joke, just Google ‘cows emitting methane gas’ to see related articles.  Cars and aeroplanes emit CO2 as fuel is burned in their engines, but what about us humans? Our impact from methane emissions on the planet is
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winning work lady

Winning work in lockdown – Part 1 Technology

Winning work in lockdown is even more rewarding than you can imagine.  You have been selling successfully for many years, it had become easy, right?  So, your new challenge, should you care to accept it, is to sell the new way – in lockdown. “Step up or step away from the technology” Your new workspace
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The Networks & Information Systems Directive (NISD)

The Networks and Information Systems Directive, more commonly referred to as the NIS Directive, is a law that was introduced on 9th May this year. The purpose of this directive is to improve the security of businesses providing essential services such as energy, transport, banking and healthcare. NISD also applies to businesses providing critical digital
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National Apprenticeship Week

This week it is National Apprenticeship Week!  Every year in early March, employers from all over the UK celebrate their apprentices.  Apprentices allow employers to train up their ‘workforce for the future’.  With technology and business changing so rapidly, it’s a great scheme allowing blended learning – at college or with an apprenticeship provider, mixed
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Security Awareness Training

Short and snappy Holding regular, short Security Awareness Training sessions with groups of staff is a great way of keeping cyber risk low in your business.  Just mentioning ‘be careful on the internet’ during your staff induction process is not enough.  Give new members of staff a quick overview of the risks to your business. 
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Incident Response Plan

Security Breach! You or one of your colleagues notice strange emails that suggest passwords have been reset for Google, Ebay, LinkedIn and several other websites including banks too.  You then realise that these are for accounts related to your business.  Talking to colleagues, you eventually work out that these password resets are not from internal
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