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The Future Of Shopping

Amazon Dash has finally landed on British soil potentially changing the way we shop forever. Amazon Prime customers are now able to order household items without heading out to the shops or even heading online. So far there are 48 ‘Dash’ buttons available to UK customers, products ranging from instant coffee, deodorant to nappies all
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Security Of Your Networked Devices

Last week I talked about educating your workforce with cyber security skills. This week I draw your attention to ensuring security of your networked devices, services & protocols. Addressing these threats requires skill and expertise in security in a ‘real-world’ capacity, employing the tools, methods & mind set which cyber-criminals themselves use to steal data
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Understanding Bespoke Development

Following on from last week’s article, custom software versus off the shelf software, now let’s look at how to set requirements for your bespoke software development. Firstly, it is key to understand your end goal. Consider the impact, both positive and negative, that any development could have on your company. Also consider the impact of
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Chamber Business Awards 2016

Andrea Borwell-Fox, Worcestershire Vice-President of the HW Chamber of Commerce was delighted to join Mike Ashton in celebrating the success of companies from across the two counties.  The event was held at the University of Worcester Arena, home to the Worcester Wolves Basketball team. Guest speaker was Colin Jackson, Olympic silver medallist, twice World champion
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What Easter Eggs and Software Have In Common

The Easter egg—as in a hidden surprise or in-joke, not the chocolate treat—can be dated back to the last Russian imperial family who gifted people with jewel-encrusted Fabergé eggs containing additional surprises tucked away inside. However, in modern times the secret Easter egg has become more associated with technology.  These unexpected features can be found
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The New Raspberry Pi 3

Last week saw the brand new Raspberry Pi 3 being released. This comes two years after the Raspberry Pi 2 model B was released, the Raspberry Pi 3 will have a faster 64-bit processor and built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. These features, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, past Raspberry Pi versions, enabling you to easily connect
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Michael – borwell Network Assistant – Work Experience

My two-week work placement at borwell has rewarded me with some of the most informative and enjoyable moments of my studies to date.  The guidance from the borwell team has provided me with the opportunity to gain a valuable insight into real-world networking and business practices, which at this early stage of my career is
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Investment In Key IT Areas Yields Bigger Return On Investment

Recent research from the banking sector suggests that more IT investment doesn’t necessarily boost profits, but targeted investments in particular areas might. A recent benchmarking survey, which is conducted annually with a dozen banks, has shown that investing more in IT is not as important as investing smartly. Executives should spend wisely, not necessarily more
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Benefits Of Using Social Media Managements Systems

Social media can often be very difficult to manage due to work commitments and a busy home life.  By using a social media management tool, it will enable you to post easier and quicker to your selected social media platform. Hootsuite is just one of many social media management systems.  One clear benefit is that
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