Custom Software Versus Off The Shelf Software

The buy or build decision depends on your business and how unique its processes are.  If your business wasn’t unique in some way, then everyone else would be doing what you were doing.  You would be struggling badly with competition.  Some processes are common to many businesses, such as payroll and VAT.  These are standard
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Time Tracking Software

Time Tracking Software We have all heard the phrase that time is a precious resource. With home life as busy as work life, managing time is an essential skill. Time Recording Many businesses track time in some way. Some have more sophisticated needs than others. Systems to track time include: • Time and attendance systems
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Tracking project profitability using IT

Measure and manage project profitability Measuring and managing costs is essential to running a profitable and sustainable business. IT can help you track and manage costs and profitability very effectively. Software packages Many small businesses use finance software packages such as Sage, QuickBooks and Xero. These are relatively easy-to-use finance systems. When setup correctly they
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