British Airways Data Breach

Álex Cruz, Chief Executive and Chairman of British Airways has described the recent data breach on and the mobile app as a “sophisticated, malicious criminal attack”. Although the breach was similar to the attack on Ticketmaster earlier this year, the criminals were able to access BA’s site directly rather than compromising a third-party system.
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Google Chrome Pushes for More Encryption on the Web

Google’s push for more encryption on the web has started with Google Chrome 68, the latest version of Google’s web browser. It comes with a new feature that will list all non encrypted websites as “Not Secure”. This change to Google Chrome means that all HTTP sites will now show a “Not Secure” icon in
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Protect your data!

In recent news, documents have been found for sale on the dark web containing sensitive information relating to the U.S. Air Force. These documents were featured for as low as $100 to $200 and were found by Information Security Analysts while trawling through the dark web searching for criminal activity. These analysts posed as potential
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GDPR – What does it mean for you?

With the introduction of GDPR fast approaching next month, many businesses are working hard to ensure that they have the correct procedures in place to both protect and collect your personal data. However, for those that aren’t familiar with the new regulation – what does this mean for you? So, what is GDPR? The General
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The Rise of Ransomware

Ransomware is being used widely by hackers to make money by holding your data hostage. As this threat evolves, can you be certain that the data you store is protected and are you able to recover it if you are attacked? This blog will cover ways to reduce the impact of ransomware by implementing practical
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Person with hood over world graphic with binary behind them

New Data Breaches Fines for British Companies

British companies will now be expected to disclose all data breaches and could be fined up to £16.9 million. The laws adopted and extended from the Brussels data standards are due to come into force in 2018. The EU law, called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), introduces strict penalties for companies that suffer data
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Data Breach At The NCT

We trust many organisations with our data.  These organisations are continually under attack, and are trying their utmost to keep our data secure.  The National Childbirth Trust (NCT), known for supporting new and expectant parents, has recently reportedly suffering a data breach.  This affected the registration details of over 15,000 expectant parents.  Even this caring
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Keeping Customer Data Secure

Keeping data secure is a challenge for businesses large and small. The recent cyber security attack on TalkTalk just go to show the scale of the challenge. The attack has resulted in an estimated £35 million costs to the company, and there is the associated bad PR too. Over 157,000 customer accounts were accessed. An
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Sharing Data Securely

IT is all pervading in our modern world.  We put a cash value on our phones, laptop and tablet computers.  However, if these were lost or stolen we would tend to be more concerned about the cost of replacing them, rather than the potentially valuable data stored on the device. In our ‘information rich’ society,
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