Facebook Security Breach

A discovery on the 25th September revealed that 50 million accounts, including Mark Zuckerberg’s own account, had been compromised in an attack on Facebook. Attackers tricked the website into handing over digital keys to individual accounts. This attack affected accounts that were used to authorise logins on services like Instagram and Spotify. The exploit granted
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Apple vs Facebook

It is a known fact that Facebook can track the activity of users via the comment fields and like & share buttons on posts regardless of whether you interact with those buttons. The Facebook like and share buttons are present on thousands of websites enabling Facebook to track users across multiple sites, revealing information about
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Facebook App for Kids

Social media giant, Facebook is currently trialling a Facebook Messaging App for Kids in the U.S. Launched last week, Facebook has announced its first app tailored for young users, it incorporates a ring-fenced network that will need parental approval on both sides before use. Messenger Kids is a simpler version of the messaging app Facebook
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Misusing Facebook may damage your reputation

The dangers of mixing work and pleasure Misusing Facebook may damage your reputation.  Most people are members of social networking sites but many don’t know the impact a single photo or a single status could have on their current and future work affairs. Case study Recently a 17 year-old by the name of Axelle Despiegelaere
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