Hyper-V High Availability Cluster

borwell have recently installed a multiple server cluster to host our internal IT services. This allow the company to run a large number of virtual machines across multiple hosts, whilst reducing downtime and resiliency. By using a number of features we are able to provide increased uptime, such as: * High Availability Clustering * Automated
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Cyber Security : What You Should Consider

What are the threats and what can I do about them? This article aims to highlight some of the different threats and some of the actions business can take to reduce the risk. There are a variety of different threats to business that need to be considered when reviewing your cyber security process. The most
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Mobile Versus Desktop Computing

Mobile versus desktop computing is a key consideration for business owners. The prediction that more people would access internet content using mobile devices than traditional desktop computers came true last year.  Mobile users, which include tablets and smart devices, quadrupled in numbers from 2007 to 2014, to some 1.6 Billion users.  This number has grown
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Collaborative Portals

Managing documents electronically is a challenge to most businesses.  Version control, naming of files and being able to search for items is often impossible or at best time consuming.  This article explains how software can help. Many businesses still use network drives containing folders within folders and so on.  If staff are diligent and conscientious
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IT Apprenticeship

Last week, the first IT apprenticeship and Cyber Security Apprenticeship Showcase was a great success.  Held at the University building next to the fabulous Worcester Arena, well over a 100 keen sixth form students from many Worcestershire schools and colleges attended.  These students were all looking for ICT, Computing and Cyber security training roles with
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