The Networks & Information Systems Directive (NISD)

The Networks and Information Systems Directive, more commonly referred to as the NIS Directive, is a law that was introduced on 9th May this year. The purpose of this directive is to improve the security of businesses providing essential services such as energy, transport, banking and healthcare. NISD also applies to businesses providing critical digital
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Online Education For Children

As parents – or relatives, teachers and other adults responsible for children’s safety – we want our children to be healthy, happy and to develop well both physically and mentally. Above all, it’s also instinctive that we want kids to be safe. Until relatively recently, most homes had a family computer, where parents could safely
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Understanding Location Information And Digital Photos

Those of you who have read my previous 3 blogs will have gained an understanding on the basics of location security, as shown in the first blog. The second showed how some apps will automatically opt you into location services and the third explains how applications can “scrape” your social media posts into other applications.
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Which Apps Use My Location?

My previous two blogs talked about the location settings on a phone and how your location is transmitted by opting in to different features within some social media apps. This blog will explore how other apps can “scrape” your location information. Let’s start at the technical level. Any developer can use a published API to
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location security

Location Security

Cards and contactless payments leave an extremely detailed digital footprint that can be used to track individuals while travelling. However, do we think about the implications of our social media use during our trips from a safety perspective (location security)? The woes of various celebrities have been well publicized in the past. Sporting stars whose
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Wipe After You Swipe: Your mobile passcodes exposed!

You may have already heard of the security concerns regarding passwords and how easily attackers can take advantage of poor password security. However, the physical security of mobile devices stands to be deceptively inconspicuous among the latest security concerns. Character-based passwords are commonly broken due to poor complexity or discovering re-used passwords from services such
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3 Cyber Security Threats You Could Face

In recent years there’s been increase in the frequency and severity of individual people and groups attempting to expose flaws in security systems. There are a number of reasons why people attempt do this such as: access to private information, stealing accounts, or even to demand money from the victim of the breach. Below are
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What Technology Does 2018 Have In Store?

There have been some fantastic developments in the corporate delivery of technology and communications in 2017, with so many businesses of all sizes utilising emerging technologies. 4G networks and VoIP telephone services have all been used in a bid to increase customer service. As we head into 2018, we look forward as to what could
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