Understanding Location Information And Digital Photos

Those of you who have read my previous 3 blogs will have gained an understanding on the basics of location security, as shown in the first blog. The second showed how some apps will automatically opt you into location services and the third explains how applications can “scrape” your social media posts into other applications.
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Which Apps Use My Location?

My previous two blogs talked about the location settings on a phone and how your location is transmitted by opting in to different features within some social media apps. This blog will explore how other apps can “scrape” your location information. Let’s start at the technical level. Any developer can use a published API to
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location security

Location Security

Cards and contactless payments leave an extremely detailed digital footprint that can be used to track individuals while travelling. However, do we think about the implications of our social media use during our trips from a safety perspective (location security)? The woes of various celebrities have been well publicized in the past. Sporting stars whose
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