NHS Attack, Could It Have Been Prevented?

May this year saw the NHS come under attack from ‘WannaCry’ ransomware, leaving thousands of patients stranded and many of us wondering how this could have happened to such a huge organisation in the UK. Reports that surfaced last week indicate the attack could have been a result of cyber-security recommendations that were not followed
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NHS building, as NHS was hit in a cyber attack

NHS Attack – Launched From North Korea

Back in May the NHS became victim to Malware known as WannaCry, sweeping across the world it took many computers hostage, demanding payment for them to be released. The consequences from the attack were tenfold, with operations being cancelled, appointments vanishing, and sending hospitals into complete disarray. Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has since
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NHS norfolk and norwich university hospital

NHS Cyber Attack

Last Friday’s cyber attack affected computers in the NHS, other government departments and businesses and organisations across over 100 countries.  The organisations breached were (are) still using Windows XP, Windows 7 or Small Business Server 2003.  All these products are obsolete.  Microsoft do not officially support them. Windows XP support ended over three years ago! 
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NHS band

NHS Staff Overwhelm Google

The sheer number of NHS staff using Google whilst at work has caused Google’s security defences to kick in, the high volumes of data traffic was causing Google to think it was suffering a cyber-attack. The search engine google has begun asking NHS staff, when using its services at work to verify if they were
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