Protect your data!

In recent news, documents have been found for sale on the dark web containing sensitive information relating to the U.S. Air Force. These documents were featured for as low as $100 to $200 and were found by Information Security Analysts while trawling through the dark web searching for criminal activity. These analysts posed as potential
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Smart Watch-out!

In our previous blog, we spoke about the positives and negatives of using a smartwatch for your daily activities. Smartwatch security is a topic overlooked by most, and why? What potential does a smartwatch really hold? Let’s consider the core functionality a smartwatch. That is: to make calls, track health, send messages and access the internet.
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Person getting password through tweezers on monitor

Password Strength

Throughout 2016 we saw a huge number of firms hacked, leaving many users vulnerable and at risk. Despite this and the constant reminders not to use common, easy to guess passwords, many are still using ‘123456’ to safeguard their accounts. January 2016, reports indicated that ‘123456’ was the most common password worldwide, and 12 months
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Password security methods, multiple levels keychain with passcode

Password Security

Having to compile a near incomprehensible, impossible-to-remember stream of numbers and letters to create a fool proof password is an irritation to many and at times an impossible task, However, computer science experts are emphasising a more effective way to make your password stronger: make it longer. Keeping yourself and your personal information safe online is
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