Smart Watch-out!

In our previous blog, we spoke about the positives and negatives of using a smartwatch for your daily activities. Smartwatch security is a topic overlooked by most, and why? What potential does a smartwatch really hold? Let’s consider the core functionality a smartwatch. That is: to make calls, track health, send messages and access the internet.
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Malicious Applications: How secure is your mobile device?

Smartphones have become an icon in our day-to-day lives by providing a plethora of useful applications that make our lives easier. Whether it be helping you to sleep, eat well, exercise or socialise, there are plenty of advantages. However, with technology advancing so quickly, can you be sure that the applications you download are safe
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Smartwatches: How times have changed

With the recent rise in “smartwear” technology, an increasing amount of people are beginning to see the benefits of wearing a smartwatch in day-to-day life – but are there any negatives to this technology craze? “What are they?” A smartwatch is the so-called “all-in-one” micro-solution to change your music, view texts, make calls, browse the
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The Rise of Ransomware

Ransomware is being used widely by hackers to make money by holding your data hostage. As this threat evolves, can you be certain that the data you store is protected and are you able to recover it if you are attacked? This blog will cover ways to reduce the impact of ransomware by implementing practical
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location security

Location Security

Cards and contactless payments leave an extremely detailed digital footprint that can be used to track individuals while travelling. However, do we think about the implications of our social media use during our trips from a safety perspective (location security)? The woes of various celebrities have been well publicized in the past. Sporting stars whose
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3 Cyber Security Threats You Could Face

In recent years there’s been increase in the frequency and severity of individual people and groups attempting to expose flaws in security systems. There are a number of reasons why people attempt do this such as: access to private information, stealing accounts, or even to demand money from the victim of the breach. Below are
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Laptop with error warning sign on cartoon graphic

Data Breach At Equifax hits 143 Million

Around 143 million customers of credit report giant Equifax may be at risk of having their information accessed through a cyber security breach. Equifax have said that the cyber-criminals accessed data such as Social Security numbers, birth dates and addresses during the incident. This cyber security breach also had an effect on Equifax customers based
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Keeping SME’s Secure And Safe

If recent news and headlines are anything to go by, there is still a long way to go in terms of cyber security. On a global scale, there is frequently news of the vulnerability of our digital world and how it has most recently been compromised. National statistics indicate that nearly two thirds of individuals
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security physical key on keyboard

Security Tips

Hackers are innovating the way they obtain and use personal data and user credentials in their attacks.  Since 2016 hacking has gone mainstream – households are getting attacked and businesses too.  There are numerous ways that hackers illegally obtain personal data.  This article explains a few basic checks you can perform before proceeding with an
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Network cables

Security Of Your Networked Devices

Last week I talked about educating your workforce with cyber security skills. This week I draw your attention to ensuring security of your networked devices, services & protocols. Addressing these threats requires skill and expertise in security in a ‘real-world’ capacity, employing the tools, methods & mind set which cyber-criminals themselves use to steal data
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