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Data Breach At Equifax hits 143 Million

Around 143 million customers of credit report giant Equifax may be at risk of having their information accessed through a cyber security breach. Equifax have said that the cyber-criminals accessed data such as Social Security numbers, birth dates and addresses during the incident. This cyber security breach also had an effect on Equifax customers based
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Keeping SME’s Secure And Safe

If recent news and headlines are anything to go by, there is still a long way to go in terms of cyber security. On a global scale, there is frequently news of the vulnerability of our digital world and how it has most recently been compromised. National statistics indicate that nearly two thirds of individuals
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Security Tips

Hackers are innovating the way they obtain and use personal data and user credentials in their attacks.  Since 2016 hacking has gone mainstream – households are getting attacked and businesses too.  There are numerous ways that hackers illegally obtain personal data.  This article explains a few basic checks you can perform before proceeding with an
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Security Of Your Networked Devices

Last week I talked about educating your workforce with cyber security skills. This week I draw your attention to ensuring security of your networked devices, services & protocols. Addressing these threats requires skill and expertise in security in a ‘real-world’ capacity, employing the tools, methods & mind set which cyber-criminals themselves use to steal data
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