Google to shut down Google+

In July 2018, Google was criticised for allowing employees from third-party apps to read emails if the app was integrated with a Gmail account. In the following month the Associated Press revealed that Google was tracking users’ locations regardless of whether they had turned off their phone location history settings. On Monday 8th October, Google
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Sharenting is a relatively recent term being used to describe the overuse of social media by parents who are sharing too much information about their children in their social media posts. While it may just seem like the harmless act of proud parents, Barclays claims that sharenting is in fact the weakest link in risking online fraud and
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Facebook App for Kids

Social media giant, Facebook is currently trialling a Facebook Messaging App for Kids in the U.S. Launched last week, Facebook has announced its first app tailored for young users, it incorporates a ring-fenced network that will need parental approval on both sides before use. Messenger Kids is a simpler version of the messaging app Facebook
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social media

Social Media Networks For Businesses

Since LinkedIn was launched in 2002, a number of social media channels have appeared. Social media is popular in today’s society – a whopping 2 billion people are using various networks across the globe. This number is expected to grow even further with the use of smart devices growing exponentially too. As lots of people
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Benefits Of Using Social Media Managements Systems

Social media can often be very difficult to manage due to work commitments and a busy home life.  By using a social media management tool, it will enable you to post easier and quicker to your selected social media platform. Hootsuite is just one of many social media management systems.  One clear benefit is that
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Using internet connected toys and social media safely

Using internet connected toys and social media safely is really important, especially when children are using these technologies.  Recently there has been a lot of press regarding the hacking of children’s toys and baby monitoring cameras. This year we have seen more attacks the most recent involving VTech. Other concerns around social media phishing and
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Creating a blog

Demonstrate your expertise Creating a blog on your website or a separate blog is a great way of demonstrating your skills, expertise and knowledge of your specialist area.  Your customers and prospects will see from your blog that your business is proactive and passionate about what it delivers, and that you are educating your marketplace, rather
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Social Media Strategy – Using Social Media with care

Unintentional impact of updates Many people are members of social networking sites, but many don’t realise the impact that a photo or status update could have on their current and future career options. Axelle Despiegelaere, a 17 year-old girl from Belgium, was scouted for L’Oreal as a result of pictures taken of her in the
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