Work experience at borwell, by Max

After a week-long placement here at Borwell, my aspirations to thrive as a software engineer have been confirmed.  Not only did I have a great time, but I also discovered challenges not found in the usual school or sixth form environment. Borwell is a great team, it’s a shame I’ll be leaving so early. The
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What To Think About When Considering Integration of Systems

Why Integrate? Most businesses use multiple software applications that are industry specific packages but their systems won’t automatically talk to each other. Examples include: * Membership management * Customer Relationship Management System * Ecommerce System * Inventory Management * Financial Packages Business move at such a pace that business owners can never be sure exactly
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IT Security Standards

Making IT work… IT Security Standards As a business grows, risk management and corporate governance become more important to the owners.  This is mainly because the business is now likely to be profitable and so sustaining and protecting the business and its assets is critical. Information Assurance (IA) Protecting systems, information & data is possible
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Flexibility and Agility

Accessing business information on the move is essential to keeping ahead of your competitors.  Flexibility and agility could give you competitive advantage.  Most business owners create a schedule or project plan, but sometimes things change.  Customers move workshops and project review meetings, internal staff are needed on another project.  Perhaps travel plans need to change
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New Starters

Since borwell formed in 2003 they have continued to grow year on year. Samuel and Jake joined borwell in January 2015 as Apprentice Software Engineers. Jake said “I feel like the past 5 months here at borwell I’ve learnt more than I ever did at college, and would have done in University.” Samuel said “”I’m
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Collaborative Portals

Managing documents electronically is a challenge to most businesses.  Version control, naming of files and being able to search for items is often impossible or at best time consuming.  This article explains how software can help. Many businesses still use network drives containing folders within folders and so on.  If staff are diligent and conscientious
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Securing Glassfish 4.0 Web Applications

The image above is a common scene when developing new web applications and perfectly fine for internal development machines, but when it’s time to deploy it just won’t do. This article will go through the steps needed to apply a certificate, signed by a trusted third party, to secure our web applications. Prerequisites This article
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