Successful Blogging

A great way of driving existing clients and new prospects to your website is to use a blog.  Successful blogging is a well-established tool for adding content to a website.  The full name is ‘web log’, which over the years has been shortened to ‘blog’. If your website uses a Content Management Systems (CMS), this
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Sharing Data Securely

IT is all pervading in our modern world.  We put a cash value on our phones, laptop and tablet computers.  However, if these were lost or stolen we would tend to be more concerned about the cost of replacing them, rather than the potentially valuable data stored on the device. In our ‘information rich’ society,
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Encrypt data in the cloud

Cloud Storage Many small businesses use cloud-based storage services such as Google, Box, DropBox and SugarSync to store and share data and files. These all have in-built security, but this could be compromised by a hacker. Sharing of data Sharing files and data enables effective collaborative working with customers, suppliers and colleagues too. However, data
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Password strength on mobile devices

The article last week concentrated on improving the strength of your passwords to user accounts and online portals, but what about mobile devices?  Say you are in a pub or nightclub, and you see that someone has left their phone at a table or a the bar, even the most honest person would instinctively touch
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Following on from last week’s article, where eBay suggested to 145 million users that they change their passwords after a potential IT security breach, I felt it was appropriate cover passwords in this week’s article. Being really honest, ‘us humans’ struggle to manage access to multiple devices, with multiple accounts, and different password regimes. It’s
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Organise sales information in a CRM System

Now that the UK economy is back in growth, most small businesses are likely to have updated their business plans and their sales forecasts in an upward direction. With your business plan and corresponding marketing plan, the next step is to ‘go to market’ with your product or service offering. Most businesses have marketing collateral
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Google forgotten about the right to be forgotten?

A few weeks on from ‘ right to be forgotten ’ being fully in place, journalists are in uproar about the clumsy introduction of the ‘ right to be forgotten ’ by the European Union. Journalist Robert Peston is up in arms as it was requested recently that an article he had published a mere
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Cybersavvy Recruits

There’s a great need for cybersecurity savvy employees of late, a new Open University course is being introduced to encourage numbers of people studying to counter cyber-attacks in the UK. The course is set for introduction this September and is initially set to be 8 weeks long, it comes after the introduction of computing to
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Facebook study of emotions

It is common knowledge amongst Facebook users that once you register an account with Facebook you are giving Facebook staff the rights to use your data as part of their research, it has not been quite so expected however that they would exploit this information as much as they have done and in such ways
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