21st July 2016


Hexagon light blue Visualisation


Software solutions are built for you as secure web applications, middleware solutions, desktop applications and mobile apps. These show 2D, 3D and 4D views of your data. Your end users are provided with ‘actionable information’ to support your decision making processes.


Why visualise?

Humans are naturally visual.  Our eyes record thousands of images per day.  People instinctively relish graphs, infographics, photographs and images for good reason.

Key aspects of visualisation

  • Naturally visual —90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual
  • Senses—40% of sense processing is visual, even though we have 5 senses, so sight is prioritised by the brain
  • Memory—Visuals are committed to long term memory easier than text, and images are processed much faster than text
  • Effectiveness—Visuals are more effective for understanding complex data and patterns
A 3D hexagon graphic with data showing Visualisation

Visualise and communicate

Data and information presented in spread sheets and documents is sometimes hard to assimilate.  It takes time and expertise to do so.  Putting key aspects of this information on a map, graph or dashboard is more powerful—information can be assimilated quickly, and decisions supported more effectively.


Your solution

The borwell team will create a visual representation of your disparate data sets as layers.  This will provide a rich view of your key data and information, and help your decision makers.  Your solution will be secure by design.