26th January 2021

WBC Business Advisers Programme – Adoption of Technology Support

Your access to 1:1 support. Fully funded technology consultancy & peer group learning sessions through the business advisers programme.

Worcestershire Business Central is offering fully funded specialist technology support for eligible businesses in partnership with borwell. This support is from central government and channelled through the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership to support its Growth Hub; Worcestershire Business Central.

Digital adoption, technology consultancy and cyber security advice is available to SMEs including partnerships and sole traders. This may include; assessing the impact of Covid-19 on the business, guidance on the most appropriate technology to invest in to support the growth/protection of the business, support businesses with cyber security.

WBC Business Advisers
digital adoption

The support that borwell is offering as part of the Business Advisers program will include:

  • assess technologies to help you during this crisis
  • choosing cloud-based platforms to support your business
  • start your Digital Transformation process
  • protect yourself from increased cyber attacks
  • improve customer engagement
  • technology for remote working

Digital Adoption Webinar – How technology can transform your business

Learn how adopting the latest digital technologies can improve your business and keep it secure in our new interactive workshop web event.

We will discuss how digital technology can transform your business, and what technologies are available to help you make improvements and increase customer engagement. Please join us for an interactive session where you can meet some of the borwell team who will be delivering the programme in partnership with Worcestershire Business Central.

You can book via Eventbrite by clicking on the link below.

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