9th September 2017

Website Vulnerability Scanner (WVS)

Over 70% of websites are insecure.  Many do not use HTTPS, have outdated versions of software, or are poorly written and prone to SQLi, XSS and other vulnerabilities.

A website vulnerability scan is a security test of your website.  Our team runs the scan on your website as a Managed Service.  Due to the tempo of web technology and software technology updates, the scan is run daily.

Why a website vulnerability scan?

A website vulnerability scan is an ideal way of seeing how vulnerable your website is to a hacker using free tools and basic trade craft.  All businesses should run vulnerability scans regularly.  It has been proven that within one hour of a new server being connected to the internet, probing scripts were already being run on the server to see what services it hosted.  Tools were run against these services to see if they were outdated, and vulnerable to an attack.

Website Vulnerability Scanner borwell cybx cyber product


Businesses handling credit and debit cards are subject to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) standard.  This mandates:

  • An annual penetration test
  • At least quarterly vulnerability scans

WVS Service

In order to keep your website secure, the borwell cybx team will:

  1. Configure the scanning service for you
  2. Start the scanning process
  3. Keep in touch with you and alert you to new vulnerabilities or new methods that hackers are using
  4. Provide telephone and email support
  5. Liaise with your internal and/or external IT staff and web providers if vulnerabilities are found

Therefore, you will be able to:

  1. Undertake remedial work internally or with your IT partners
  2. Comply with your internal Governance and Risk Compliance (GRC) processes and Information Assurance (IA) processes

Our Reach

The borwell cybx team is UK based and helps businesses globally by scanning their websites with the XVS service.

If you are interested in the website vulnerability scanner service please click below.